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Stupid Toshiba laptop. Now i have to call the tech support and ask if I have a warranty or protection plan because I DON’T REMEMBER.

For now I’m using my mom’s.


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Concerts are fun.

That is all.

Apparently I’ve gotten lazy with this blog. ¬†I’m just way too busy this semester it seems.

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I won’t give up.

I won’t. I know it’s been about a week but I can do this. Who cares.

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I’m tired. I wanted to go to a party tonight but I didn’t. Oh well.

It’s the weekend~ …I think I’ll go to sleep. or something. I don’t know.

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Nobody really has any idea how much I’ve spoken those words in the past. Whenever I always had to switch schools for reasons and circumstances that were out of my control, whenever it was just saying goodbye to all my friends, especially my closest and best friends, from high school because we’d all be going off to different colleges and lose touch,¬†whenever I left an online community; any of those things, and probably even other different situations – I have said those words.

And recently I had to say them once again. A friend of mine who was in Siberia for the summer is returning there for the Fall, and she had already been back for the week she would have been. Honestly though, it isn’t her fault that she’s unfortunately going back there instead of staying here, it’s the university’s – but that’s a whole other story I’d be willing to get into in a separate post if so desired.

She said she may want to stay there for the year, but it’d have to be approved here and it’s a hassle enough on its own. So I hope she ends up staying for the fall only.

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