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Day 10 Goal: 16,666 / 50,000
Actual Word Count: 36,127

The actual word count wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t consider that between the course of Day 9 and Day 10 I only wrote 315 words. Which is just a few words shy of being a fifth of the daily quota that some Wrimos go by, as all of the different participants write at their own pace. Last year when I was participating, I wrote three projects in one month and just barely made it to my goal of 150k. And I wanted to do it the same way this month, three different projects – but trying to aim for 200k or 250k. Being that I participate in crazy things such as the 50k Weekend challenge or attempt to write 50k in 24 hours or less starting at exactly midnight, I know I could make it.

But then I ask myself: Is it really even worth it? There is always a price to pay. Last year, I wasn’t able to be productive regarding schoolwork because I was too focused on NaNo. Too focused on my goal, when my priority should have been getting assignments done ahead of time and passing all of my classes with decent grades, instead of trying to figure out how to execute the perfect sequence of events in the next couple of scenes of my novel. Yes, I was still able to do well enough last year Fall semester to pass everything, even if just barely – but I could have done much better if I didn’t put all my attention into writing challenges right away, instead of homework.

Normally NaNoWriMo doesn’t interfere with my student life this much, but it’s happening again. I would have had the option to opt out of the third paper for my Western films class if I wrote the one that was due on the second day of the month, and that way I would not have had to worry about writing one this month to submit in December. I would have been able to write up the script for my comics class group project much sooner. It’s due NEXT WEEK and I still haven’t written a whole lot but I do have something to go off of and I’ve written two pages already. Not good enough. Also, I had a paper (and a revision of a paper I turned in back in September) due this week and I skipped class because I didn’t have it and I was working on them last minute but I could not finish the revision and I’m only just starting on it now. I’m going to get ten points off for turning it in on Monday but I need the weekend to work on it, as well as some other things I also need to get done for other classes. I have an exam on Monday that I have two review sheets for, but I doubt they’re going to be any help at all. I have a journal sort of like thing and a presentation to finish for a class, that I’d rather finish sooner than later since I’ve already been putting that off for months.

It’s not the week two slump that’s plaguing me this time around, it’s just that I knew that November was going to be too busy of a month for me and I wasn’t going to write until the 25th and 5,000 words would have been written for each day. I should have gone with that plan. But then all of sudden, I don’t know why, but I decided to start off when we usually do – on the first night. But now we are eleven days into the challenge, and I suddenly realize that it was a mistake to do so and I should have gone with my original plan. I guess it was because I let my past victories go straight to my head, thinking that failure isn’t an option and that I have to win at all costs. Yeah, as though that wasn’t selfish enough of me to torture myself like that.

Now I understand what one of my friends meant when she said she couldn’t finish NaNo the past two years due to being overwhelmed by college stress. While the challenge is a fun way to spend your November, it is more important to focus on your schoolwork and/or other priorities. Especially if you feel like you are already working yourself to death and participating in NaNoWriMo at the same time, it can be tough. It’s tough for me right now – three papers due, (one that I did not write and now regret not writing because I had the choice of not doing the third if I did the second, and one that’s going to be LATE. again.), an exam, a project, and a bunch of other things to worry about – that’s a lot to work with, and I knew that before going into this mess but everyone else I knew, whether in my own region or in other regions, people I’ve gotten acquainted with and/or befriended, was probably going to start right away and I didn’t want to miss out on a “tradition”, for lack of a better word. But there are people who do start late. Remember that. And don’t make the same mistake I made. If you know you’ll have too much to do regarding school or work or whatever – wait until after everything has calmed down (or after Thanksgiving) and then start.

To anyone else that is participating this year and also feels overwhelmed by this sort of stress, I recommend you sit back, relax, take a break from writing for a little while, catch up on work or responsibilities or whatever it is you do, and then come back to it later in the month and still pull through. That’s what I’ll be doing, starting today. I’m not sure when I’ll write again. But I really do need to focus. At least, for now.

To everyone else participating: Happy writing, everyone!


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This blog post will consist of fifty things. But instead of being the typical “Things I’ve Accomplished/Done” format, it will be divided into two parts. The first being 25 things I’ve done, the second being 25 things I either haven’t done yet or want to do at some point in my life. So, without further ado…

25 Done:

1. I’ve traveled outside the United States.
2.  I’ve gotten second place in a community college poetry contest.
3.  I’ve read a book in a single day.
4. I used to get offended when someone thought I was younger than my actual age. Never mind the fact that the guy thought I was twelve and it was during 14th birthday.
5. The most I’ve talked to someone on the phone in one call was about six hours.
6. I’ve walked out of a movie because it was incredibly boring.
7. I have been, and still am,  a staff writer for the student newspaper at my university.
8. I’ve stayed friends with someone I met online when I was fourteen.
9.  I eventually had the pleasure to meet that someone four years later. We’re still good friends today.
10. I’ve seen a couple of shows on Broadway.
11. I passed my last math class ever over the summer.
12. I’ve gone parasailing.
13. I’ve walked in the rain alone.
14.  I’ve been on a Ferris wheel.
15. I auditioned for the role of Mercutio in West Side R&J: A Cabaret.
16. I’ve slept on the floor.
17. I’ve written 50,000 words in 30 days. Three times.
18.  I’ve gone vegetarian on more than one occasion, as well as vegan sometime later in my life. I failed both attempts though, but I want to try it again sometime.
19. I’ve been to a midnight movie premiere.
20. I played the flute…and hated it.
21. Years before I played the flute, I was learning how to play the piano and very much enjoyed it. I later quit, and now want to go back and learn it again.
22. I’ve been to Disney World.
23. I procrastinated studying so much that I had to stay awake for three whole days to get caught up on work.
24.  I’ve been on a train.
25. I’ve slept in until late in the afternoon.

25 Yet To Do:

26. Go on a road trip travelling across the Contiguous United States.
27. Start a band with a friend, or several friends.
28. Go on tour with said band.
29. Move to a different state or country.
30. Publish at least one of the books I’ve written.
31. Meet J.K. Rowling just so I could tell her how much she’s changed my life and been amazing.
32. Visit all the spots on my growing list of places I want to see.
33. Become fluent in yet another language aside from the two I already know. Probably Japanese.
34. I want to meet and hang out with John and Hank Green.
35. Dye my hair.
36. Get my driver’s license.
37. Open a business that’s a joint cafe, gym, and arcade.
38.  Graduate from college. Preferably, and hopefully, on time.
39. Invent something worthwhile.
40. Be on the Ellen DeGeneres show.
41. Write a story in every genre.
42. Figure out in-the-near-future living arrangements sometime after I graduate from college.
43.  Write, record, and release a hit single.
44. Hear said hit single in a store while I’m shopping at said store.
45.  I want to take a picture of something meaningful, that would be seen by millions.
46. I want to get into a habit of keeping things clean and not making a mess out of it later so that I can avoid having to clean it up.
47. For at least one academic semester, I want to get a 4.0 GPA.
48.  Work out more.
49. Get back into learning programming languages.
50. Have a final gathering with my group of best friends forever before I move out of the state (because once I leave here, I’m never coming back).

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I am so sick of not being able to get what I want.

I want to go to Seattle for spring break. I want to be at LeakyCon, and a bunch of other conventions that are not only in the state I live in – don’t get me wrong, I love TnT and Izumi and Trek Expo, or at least the idea of them – but having only been to one of those that doesn’t say much. But like I was saying, local events are great, fun, and enjoyable – but I just want to be able to move up in the world. Go my way up the ladder and all that. Also I want to be at VidCon but that’s another story. I want to perform: act, sing, improvise, maybe even dance, who knows? – even if I’ll need some practice. Whatever. There’s always room for improvement.  I want to draw – create and design. Even if it is an imperfect sketch of a Charmander.  Whatever. At least I tried and practice makes better. I’m not exactly what you would call an artist, but I’d try anyway.

I want to be successful in the things I want to do. Now listen people, by success I don’t mean I want to be famous. Nothing like that. Truth be told I would rather want to be an undiscovered talent that may have actually had a chance to make it big, but amazingly didn’t, and is happy with that. You may not realize this but I’m not in it for the fame. I never have been. I’ve always done my best to succeed, and not be afraid of trying harder if I didn’t do as well as I thought I should have while working as hard as I have to try and get something going. Even if you knock me down, I’ll get back up and finish what I started.

And speaking of starting things and finishing them, a while back I decided to try and use and write on this blog fairly consistently – I don’t know if the others that said they would be doing the same have been still doing so, but I know I haven’t. I think my last post on here is from mid-June. I don’t know, I haven’t checked my blog lately very much – but no, I’m still here, in case you were wondering. And I’ve decided to take the original challenge to the next level. But first, without revealing many details, I will just say that in the last couple of weeks I have been trying to make a very crucial decision, and I think I’ve finally settled on something. The decision has to do with the internet and various websites and what have you that I frequent often.

Now, this blog isn’t too relevant to my decision, but I figure that without certain sites to be on – especially ones that I’ve neglected long enough – I would probably somehow lose my mind. Even if the internet is a tool that eliminates all productivity of an individual, I am so dependent on it that I need several sites to get by while I’m off doing coursework for the remainder of my time at university. Being that I am going into my third year, I feel as if it is opportune to give it my all and to do that, sacrifices must be made. However, I wouldn’t want to  leave this blog behind yet again – so I’m proposing a self-challenge.

I liked being a part of the consistent blogging challenge with others so much that I decided I wanted to make a comeback on this vlog after a much unintentional hiatus, because you see, I can’t hide the interesting updates on and of my life from the internet (and the people who may or may not follow my blog) forever, and I decided I wanted to share it with you often since eventually (because you never know what could happen), some people might be wondering what I’m up to or what I’ve been doing, and then they’d remember to check up on me here to find out.

My “comeback” is actually an expansion of  the challenge , but for myself only, although may join in on this as well if they so desire; It is a year-long project. Starting today, August 15th, 2011, I’ll be writing a blog post about whatever topics may come to mind, or maybe something interesting that everyone else has talked or is talking about. This will go on for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since today.

This is the first.

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The first thing that came to my mind of what I wanted to do in my life wasn’t to write, but as I was growing up my goals or something or another changed with time, just like everything else does. Anyway, all I really wanted to do in my life was perform. Like, fine arts stuff. Music. Acting in movies or community theatre or school productions. Anything like that.

When I was a kid, I took piano lessons. I was very good. I also actually had my own recital in front of a fairly large crowd years ago in the auditorium of the music building of the college I attend and everybody loved it. Unfortunately, as a child, I was also very rebellious. I ended up quitting after a long time because I felt like it was something my parents forced me to do. Which it kind of was. Now, many years later I realize I miss it. I just want to be able to play the piano again and whatnot. But that’s not the only thing I want to do again. Not many people know this about me but as a kid I was also in a movie. Just one. Nothing big, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter. And then when I was like fourteen, I was a big movie buff and still am, but then I said, “I want to do that. Act. I’d love it.”

So my dad told me to take an acting class, whether it was a workshop at a community theatre thing or at school. Unfortunately, I didn’t take his advice until senior year of high school. So I took Drama 1 with two fellow seniors, one sophomore, and a bunch of freshmen. I loved it. I didn’t get to audition for anything though and that’s my biggest regret. I kept telling myself, audition audition audition audition. But it never happened. In fact, I never auditioned for anything up until this year of college.  That was Romeo and Juliet. Or more precisely, some weird combination of West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet that they called West Side R&J: A Cabaret. It was a wonderful thing that they put together, and I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to be in it. I then told myself I’d audition for Rent. Long story short, that too didn’t happen.

Maybe the reason why I haven’t really gotten into acting yet is because I don’t feel confident enough. Maybe my all too well known stage fright is what’s keeping me from chasing my dream. Someone once told me that with nearly every situation I give up way too easily. Well, no more. I’ll try it out, and even if I think I messed up or did really awful, I’ll try it again. With experience comes practice, and contrary to popular belief, practice doesn’t necessarily make ‘perfect’. However, it does make ‘better’. So I’m just going to continue on and hope something happens.

Of course, since I want to act, people are probably asking me “why aren’t you a theatre major, then?” The answer simply is, because I don’t have to be. Because it doesn’t matter. Because all I need to do is have a love and appreciation for it and it just feels like something I’ve always wanted to do. Plus because I plan on moving to Seattle as soon as possible, the community theatre performances here and there would fill up a theatre-style resume, or whatever, and Vancouver BC, also known as the Hollywood of the North, is just a two hour or so drive. There then, I’ll probably get my big break. Of course, I’d want to be a published author as well – but we’ll see what comes first. Either way I won’t stop the other from happening.

The game doesn’t end when you always have the option to try again. Or if you ended up rage quitting at one point in time like I did, going back to square one and avoiding making the same mistake.

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Hello, my name is Dmitry and I’m a writer. Some people also call me Mitya. But on several writing communities, I am known as DimiTheDominator, or just Dimi.

For a long time, I have been writing. Lots of people have told me, “you are a writer at heart”, “writing is in your blood”, and “you are your dad’s son.” That last one is relevant because my father himself is a relatively well-known writer, but some people who I’ve come to know in the past couple of months have never even heard of him until I mentioned, which is always nice to bring in new fans – err…well…umm. Anyway, enough about that.

I can’t even tell you when I first began writing. I think it was when I was about ten years old. Maybe. It was definitely after the CD of Carmen Sandiego’s Great Chase Through Time/Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? was released. I recall a point in the game where the setting was Japan, and one Murasaki Shikibu (Lady Murasaki) was missing a page that she wrote for The Tale of Genji, and according to Wikipedia, since I can’t check any other source to provide me with semi-reliable information (good thing this isn’t a topic for an essay, but if it was, oh my god I’d have so much fun writing it), The Tale of Genji is apparently the earliest known novel in human history. Two years later, I remembered about this book and I wanted to buy it to read it. That was both the best and the worst ever decision, literature-wise, that I had ever made. Why the best? Because I loved to read to get my writing skills improved. Why the worst? Because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. That book alone has over one thousand pages.  I think the exact amount was, oh, I’d say…1347? I don’t know, that’s just a guesstimate. I still have the book. It’s hiding in plain sight at my house. To this day, I am still reading it. I’m on page 546, or something like that. I can’t believe I haven’t finished it. That’s even worse than only being halfway through with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Even though you can’t really compare the two. But anyway…

I used to write because I was trying to impress my father, who I always considered to be the better, or rather, the only good writer in the family. Although I was merely basing his talent off of his success. To me, my last name is a label. A label that’s pretty much what I thought would be unfair advantage and a one-way ticket to success in the business of writing and publishing. You know, not exactly equal opportunity. I never once wrote with the thought, “damn, my work should be published somewhere because I think it’s good.” I started out with poems. Little ones. Haiku. And then I moved on to bigger and better things – blog posts, short stories, and hell, even novels.

Ah, novels. That’s right. I’ve known about National Novel Writing Month for quite a few years now. My first attempt, albeit unofficial, was in 2006. I don’t remember ever registering an account name there, and if I did, it’s long gone by now because I don’t think I ever really accessed it at all, so I had to make a new alias for myself on the site regardless of whether I joined or not. Anyway, the 2006 attempt is still undetermined whether it hit 50k words or not. I literally do not know if I won the challenge or failed at it miserably. Either way, in 2007 I forgot about the challenge completely. In 2008…I found out about it the month after it was already over. December. And in 2009, I made my “comeback” in September. I didn’t know who I was writing for. I got 70,048 words on my first and still to this day only complete novel, The Hunt for Lane, and I’m very happy about it. On Facebook, a lot of people were asking me,

“So when is that thing getting published? No idea what it’s about, but I’d love to read it.”

“Where can I buy that book? Of course I’d need some money to afford it first.”

“When you get this published, I want a complimentary copy. Autographed, of course.”

And variations of the statement with the words “book/novel” and “published” written all over them.

This got me thinking… just who the hell am I even writing for to begin with?

My father was impressed with a small piece of my novel when I was translating ten pages of it into Russian, so that made my intention of “I’m writing to measure up to my father and his skill and talent” be…well, fulfilled, for lack of a better word. So I can’t be writing for him anymore.

For NaNoWriMo 2009 and 2010, I didn’t feel like I was writing for fun, even. I felt like I was writing for a region. That my word count mattered more for its statistics than myself. And it did. It kind of felt horrible. Very horrible.

Around this time, February of last year, I wrote the last chapter – or rather, the epilogue, to my ’09 NaNo. Since NaNo ’10 ended, I haven’t written a damn thing except that horrible piece of garbage that was 21,000 words long in January that only like…12% of it was actual “novel”, if you could even CALL it that. The rest was just dumb rambling about nothing significant. I didn’t have fun writing it. And I failed JanNoWriMo. But that’s okay.


It is now February 2011, and I am not writing, although I do wish to write… but I simply cannot. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I am not writing for publication (at least not yet). I am not writing for a target audience. I am not writing for anyone who demands it. I am writing for me. And sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s not.

NaNoWriMo 2010

I spent most of November 2010 writing a novelization of a comic I was doing at a different online community. It was going well, and I was keeping up with the legendary sushimustwrite for quite a while, until…well, lets just say something came up and I had writer’s block. Anyway, I met more people throughout this time period, attempted (and failed) the 50kweekend challenge, invaded the NaNoLanta chatroom…I had fun, but I still feel like I wasn’t writing for me. I just wanted to not continue with it anymore, even though I’d already ‘won’ NaNo by the 6th day, it seemed pointless to continue. And… it was, and it wasn’t all at the same time. I don’t know how to explain it. If any of the NanoLanta people (or even pseudo-NaNoLanta people such as myself and a few others) are reading this right now, I miss the times when chat wasn’t so empty. I go in there every now and then to see if anyone is still in there, and it’s basically a dead zone. I loved getting to know you all, even if we still don’t really all know each other at all. I just… I don’t know. I miss you, I miss the chatroom, I miss NaNoWriMo and… it’s just not the same.

I can’t even seem to write for fun now, because it’s not. I tried opening my NaNo ’10 file and get an ending accomplished. What did I do instead?  I started reading it from the beginning. The file had 237. I got to page 30 and…I was crying. It was mostly the scenes though that were real tear-jerkers. I was impressed with myself. I’ve never been impressed with myself. I also read my NaNo ’09, and I didn’t really like it that much. But this… this was just beautiful. I couldn’t believe it. I think I said to myself, “Okay, who the hell wrote this? I want to meet th–OH MY GOD IT WAS ME. I DON’T WRITE THIS WELL. I NEVER  WROTE THIS WELL, AND YET…”

I miss NaNoWriMo. I miss knowing that others are writing with me, no matter where in the world. I miss updates like the last bit of the above paragraph. I miss word wars and word sprints. I miss outlining and researching things for plot related things. I miss being able to write three thousand words per day no questions asked. I miss the fast paced and catchy writing soundtrack. I miss it all.

That’s all for now.

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I’m just going to make this simple.

  • JanNoWriMo: 50k. Currently in Progress.
  • February: Edit JaNNo novel? Possibly do FAWM? The first is looking more plausible then the second.
  • March: EdMo. The Hunt for Lane. (09NANO.) Yeah, again. I think it might need a new title, too. And maybe less things that didn’t make sense.
  • April: Script Frenzy. Again. Attempt #2. We don’t talk about 2010. But I hope I can actually GET SOMETHING DONE.
  • May: Either do MayNoWriMo, or take a break from writing and continue editing The Hunt for Lane, if my edits for it are not finished by the end of March. Or just don’t do anything, and finally plan out that family-of-mystics-fantasy-series that’s been in my head since July 2010. Oh yeah, isn’t there also NEPMo? National Epic Poetry Month? Yeah, I might try that..again.
  • June: If I take a break in May, I’ll do something. Probably continue editing THFL even more. Or just write a poem each day. I don’t know. I’ll think of something.
  • July: Probably do JulNo again, and have it be the same idea involving portraits in museums coming to life (or rather, someone looking at a painting and then the painting is actually “real” and they walk into it, and be one of the people (or things) in the painting. It’s,….very weird. I don’t even know.
  • August: Probably give yet *another* look at THFL, and then start to hate the damn thing as much as I already do. I don’t hate it because it’s not good. I hate it right now because it just…. has a lot of things that need to be explained, and hell, by this point, I might even consider spending the month writing the damn thing entirely. We’ll see what happens when we get there.
  • September: Attempt to do that 3 Day Novel Contest thing. If my family of mystics novel doesn’t make the cut, then I’ll end up doing something else. I’ll probably end up trying to do 50k because I’m nuts. (PEOPLE ALWAYS TEMPT ME WITH THESE THINGS) As far as the rest of the month goes, I… have no idea yet. Someone give me something else to do.
  • October: Figure out a project for NaNoWriMo. Have an outline so writing is made easier. And maybe improvise a little bit.
  • November: NaNoWriMo Attempt (and hopefully, Win) #4. Yeah. 2006 was #1, unofficially. Still can’t find that novel though – but I bet it won. Anyway, 07 and 08 didn’t happen, and then in 2009 I signed up in September, getting ready for attempt #2. That was a success. #3 was 2010. Yeah. Oh yeah. Somebody who reads this, give me a goal to meet for NaNoWriMo 2011. Odds are I’ll go over it.
  • December: Either go back to editing THFL (or at this point, TNIRH (the novel I really hate)), or edit something else. Maybe send in a few query letters.

    Finally, here’s some realistic non-writing goals:

  • Get a job. Whether it’s an internship at someplace where I would temporarily have to relocate to, or a desk assistance job at my campus, or something. Even McDonald’s is looking good right about now.
  • Get grades I feel I earned.
  • Go to NaNoWriMo’s Night of Writing Dangerously (I doubt it’ll happen this year, though. Unless I can book a flight to Atlanta  and meet another Wrimo friend in person (if they’re still in GA at that point, that is) that would be willing to take me as their guest. 😉 But again, I don’t think that’s going to happen, either.
  • Read 100 Books This Year. Anybody who happens to be reading this at this point, leave me recommendations in the comments below.
  • Send in a query letter to a literary agent. This was a goal last year, but that didn’t happen. So I’m going to try harder this year.



Do your worst, 2011. I dare you.

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