I’m tired. I wanted to go to a party tonight but I didn’t. Oh well.

It’s the weekend~ …I think I’ll go to sleep. or something. I don’t know.


Nobody really has any idea how much I’ve spoken those words in the past. Whenever I always had to switch schools for reasons and circumstances that were out of my control, whenever it was just saying goodbye to all my friends, especially my closest and best friends, from high school because we’d all be going off to different colleges and lose touch, whenever I left an online community; any of those things, and probably even other different situations – I have said those words.

And recently I had to say them once again. A friend of mine who was in Siberia for the summer is returning there for the Fall, and she had already been back for the week she would have been. Honestly though, it isn’t her fault that she’s unfortunately going back there instead of staying here, it’s the university’s – but that’s a whole other story I’d be willing to get into in a separate post if so desired.

She said she may want to stay there for the year, but it’d have to be approved here and it’s a hassle enough on its own. So I hope she ends up staying for the fall only.

My Father

I really hate them. Okay, so I try to help someone out and I have time, but I’m not able to help them. And then they basically chew me out for it. It doesn’t help that the individual in question is my own father. But I don’t really consider him my dad in the first place. He’s never been there for me in my life ever. He always put his work/profession before his family, and he doesn’t have a good grasp of understanding what is truly important. All he needed was to have me help him find this one cable for his external hard drive. I wasn’t even able to find the device itself, because I would assume that another cable would come with purchasing another one of the thing. But aren’t external hard drives’ cables supposed to be wired together to the technology? It doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway, my father. The person who didn’t care about my studies until he criticized me for not finding anything I’m learning in college interesting. The person who went to Russia for no good reason instead of sticking around for my high school graduation. The person who has been using me as essentially his tech support at him for helping him with simple things (like how to get rid of markings or commentary in a Word document and enabling his internet connection with the sliding of a switch) and who always offers advice, albeit discouraging advice, on my writing.

He called me today – in fact just a few minutes ago – asking about the progress of finding the cable or hard drive.  I said I was still looking, and I was looking because everywhere I went I couldn’t find anything that led me to more clues, so I was gonna keep trying. Then he basically ended up assuming that I wasn’t even doing what he asked of me and not to come to him for any favors. Fine, it’s not like I wanted you to do anything for me anyway, dad. Have it your way. Besides, I’m better off without your help anyways. You should know, you taught me that from your expertise in neglect. You really should think before you speak, though. You never know whose feelings you’re going to hurt.


So I know I didn’t get a post up yesterday, but that’s okay. Since this is a self-challenge I thought up of I’ll make it simple. Instead of blogging every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, If the week hasn’t ended yet – and for all intents and purposes, this blog’s dates will coincide with those of a regular calendar where the week always starts on a Sunday – I’ll make it so that I can write a post in any three days of the week, so long as I post an entry three times a week. So that way it will remain consistent and Saturday posts are acceptable. However, once the next Sunday hits and I don’t have a third post in beforehand, then I’ve failed the challenge.  I’m just trying to make my blog be one of the more consistently updated things I care about, is all. Like I said before, I can’t abandon every website online.

But productivity is another matter in and of itself. Speaking of which, to anyone who might be reading this who’s starting out college or could use some quick tips – I’ll probably start a series on that in my third day posts. So without further ado, I bring you the first segment.

College Tip #1: Don’t Procrastinate. If you really care about your education that much, then focus and prioritize. Sure, you may have to have your nose stuck in books all the time – but it’s better than not working your hardest to get decent grades. Because honestly, graduating comes down to one thing: buckling down and studying as much as you can and getting all the work in on time. So you wanna graduate? Pass classes. You wanna pass classes? Do your homework and study for exams; when studying for exams, do so in advance. Don’t cram the night before – you’ll end up hating yourself for it. Trust me on this one.

The First Day

…Of school has passed. But today was a different first day. Today was the first day of my internship.

I gotta say, even though I’m still learning what to do and everything – kind of like job training in a way – I love it already. Not only does it feel like it’s something I’ve always wanted – but it is. A lot of people tell me I give up way too easily. Yet I saw this through to the end, and honestly I’m very glad that I did that. The internship is a lot of work, but I’m not worried. In fact, I’m confident that it will be a breeze.

Essentially, all I do is open mail up, see what it is, categorize it (determine whether it’s Fiction, Poetry, or Miscellaneous), look at submissions and store each individual submission one by one into a database where we keep track of it all. Of course, that’s only the first step in the process of processing those submissions that our editors have to read and determine the writer’s fate. And if I happen to be the last person out when leaving the office I’m in charge of shutting down the computers, and turning off the radio and the lights, as well as shutting the door and making sure that it’s locked (although from the outside, it should automatically lock, regardless). The internship looks as though it will be difficult, but fun in the long run.

As far as classes go, well I have just completed my first assignment for my Comics and Graphic Novels class – purchase a recent “floppy” (comics of the spineless variety) and read it, then present it. Well, 2/3 completed anyway.  I bought the most recent Batman at Barnes & Noble and just finished up reading it and now am thinking of a way to present it tomorrow.

Speaking of assignments, I have a small response to write up on a Blackboard-like interface for one of my other classes. So I’ll go do that now. I won’t see you, but you’ll see another one of my posts on Friday.

For about a month now I’ve been in contact with this one literary journal on campus about possibly being an intern there for class credit and it’s gotten official now pretty much. I was supposed to get the stuff in last week, but in any case I couldn’t do it Tuesdays and Thursdays because they’re pretty much booked, although I do want to walk to the building that my journalism practicum was in last spring just to see if I could volunteer for them as well, or maybe I’ll actually get an on-campus job with them and it’ll only be something to do on Tuesday only. But I’m still considering that as an option because maybe it won’t happen at all, and if it doesn’t that’s okay. If it does, great. I do like to keep myself busy with a ton of things all at once, but burning myself out isn’t a good idea. However, I think I can manage all this without it being too bad.

I just hope I’m right.

What’s interesting about my textbooks this semester is that most of them were cheaper at the bookstore than they would have been from Amazon, shipping cost and all.

I kind of already have homework, but it isn’t really homework. Before adding the internship that I’ve been wanting, I have to write a statement as to how it complements my English education and everything. I have a pretty good idea what I want to write for the statement, too. I wasn’t able to do this today even though I could have, but I’ll do it sometime next week.

This semester is going to be an interesting one. I’m taking British Lit, Western Films, Comics and Graphic Novels, Geology [class and lab], and the internship for credit. But I can’t add the internship until next week since the managing editor of the place I’d be interning at left early today. Not to mention, I need to pick up the Drop/Add form from her and have my advisor sign it – and I don’t know if my advisor’s already back in town, so I think it’s better I come by on Monday anyway since I want to start immediately. However, I still need to figure out my internship schedule.

After finalizing all that, I’ll be at 16 credit hours, 3 of them being the internship for credit.

It’ll be fun.