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I’ve done something known as NaNoWriMo since 2009 officially, 2006 unofficially. Won every time. So, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. 2015 will be my eighth year and attempt.

I have also done JulNo, Camp NaNo, Script Frenzy, and JanNo – some spin-offs and knockoffs of the same challenge.

Back in 2011, I wrote a post about wanting to do a whole Writing year – or challenge year, anyway. Similar to WriYe.

This next year, 2016, I want to actually make that happen. And I want to do it as a merge of WriYe and Milwordy, ┬áthat is, write a million words in a year, but definitely do any sort of writing for a whole year. I doubt it will happen though but it’s good to set goals.

To put things in perspective: 12 NaNo’s, if you stop at 50k words a month, is 600,000 words. The entirety of the Harry Potter series is twice that and two thirds more; that’s a lot of NaNoWriMo’s for one whole series.

Plus with NaNo, you don’t necessarily have to stop at 50k. One year, I wrote three projects in one month and got it up to 150k. That was the same year I was able to knock out a 25,000 word in one day record/goal. I was aiming for a 50k weekend but that didn’t happen, though if I didn’t start late it probably would have.

This year. I will be participating in NaNoWriMo as well. As soon as I hit Year Ten, which will be 2017, I am attending the Night of Writing Dangerously in California. It will be my reward to myself because I can.

But yes. I am participating this year in NaNoWriMo and I have two ideas but I’m not sure which one to go with. And the other one will still probably be written at a later time no matter which I pick first.


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